the essential unity of life and being

So this post has to do with the essential “one-ness” of life and being. By “essential” I mean the entities (life and being) couldn’t exist without it–the “whatever it is” that makes it, it. Birth is essential to life, being that all life began in a kind of “birth,” of some kind. And “birth” is the name for a a process–which is one continual process, of one entity becoming two. There is an essential unity there, between each, in that the “younger” one “owes” the “older” for its life and its being. And all “owe” “God.”

Now if viewed from the “God-perspective” (whether or not “he”/”it exists”), outside of space and time, we see this: an “older” or “mature” lifeform experiencing or undergoing the processes of either sexual or asexual reproduction, which involves either growth and division of some sort, or a part of the lifeform fusing with the part of another lifeform. A “new” lifeform then develops out of this process. So in all strictness, the new lifeform is a continuation of or an evolution of the “parent” lifeform(s). So there is one continuous life process–one “life.” And if we look at the material with which lifeforms are made–well it consists of either parts or remnants of other lifeforms or bits of non-life forms (nutrients, air, water, sunlight (via photosynthesis) or whatever). So the “boundaries” between lifeforms and between life and non-life are “vague”/”blurry.” It is only due to time (or to our *perception* of time) that we fail to see this. Oh and all of our thoughts and behaviors are “conditioned” via culture. So there is another area where the “boundaries” are “blurry.” That is, our “mental life” is “linked” to the “mental life” of others, both living and dead. Anyhow, I think that the “mystical experience” involves becoming aware of this essential unity or co-dependence of all life and, indeed, of all being–of all that exists in whatever “direction” in space and time. You’re “seeing things” from the “eternal” or “God-perspective.” Now I think that what *follows* from that “experience” depends on various things–upon how that person who has it interprets it.

I think that one thing that could *follow from* having had the “mystical experience” is this: a sense or a feeling of responsibility of or for the “whole.” You identify yourself with it, considering your truest “self” as being identical to the “whole.” You “see yourself” in others, and this may (or may not–since I think it can depend on your personal character, which influences how you interpret the “experience” and what you do because of it, for whatever reason) inspire compassion and love, for all.

That is, you may (or may not!) naturally “love your ‘neighbor’ *as yourself*.”

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